Take a Look at Our Website

Take a Look at Our Website

Take a Look at Our Website

Take a Look at Our Website

Worth Custom Homes recently went through some development of its own – of the electronic variety. We wanted our online presence to reflect our vision. As such, we invite you to check out our newly remodeled website, and we hope you enjoy what you see.

Our updated web page feels more inviting, much like the homes we design. The site was developed to enhance your experience while displaying the quality work we produce for our clients.


When you visit the Worth Custom Homes website, you’ll immediately notice a visual difference. We want to inspire you with:

Prominent images. We have included larger and more expansive photos from our custom-built homes to better show off the beauty and scope of our work. You’ll get a feel for the grand, open floor plans. See the detail of a fireplace or kitchen backsplash, the elegance of granite or marble countertops, the boldness of crown molding, or the rough-but-sturdy edge of a decorative beam. We want your virtual experience to feel like the real thing.

Simplicity. The prominent menu bar will help guide you through our newly remodeled website with the greatest of ease. Find information on custom homes, featured projects, and upscale remodels with one simple click. Detailed highlights then expand to fill your screen with brilliant snapshots and easy-to-read text. Larger fonts and more purposeful descriptions will help you better understand our goals and capabilities without the excess.

Consistency. Much like our work, you will find cohesion across our web page. The layout is relaxed yet straightforward, so you know exactly what Worth has to offer. Our long-standing history of craftsmanship and our dedication to customer satisfaction compose the foundation upon which our reputation is built.


The newly remodeled Worth Custom Homes website is our online blueprint for success. We want your experience with it to be delightful, effortless, and memorable.

Our passion for excellence is something we strive for with any project, whether that’s building a home or introducing our business to the world. If you like what you see, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your ideas and help make your dream home a reality.