We Care About What Our Clients Think

We Care About What Our Clients Think

We Care About What Our Clients Think

We Care About What Our Clients Think

At Worth Custom Homes, we do more than build homes. We build relationships. A project is our work, but it’s your vision and your dream. What our clients think matters to us, and we want to make sure that you’re involved every step of the way.

A new testimonial video features some of our clients discussing their experiences with the Worth Custom Homes design process. We understand the importance of this decision and that building your dream home is a major investment. To be trusted with such an endeavor is an honor, and the endorsements from our clients and friends speak volumes about our commitment to your satisfaction.


Homeowners Bill and Katie Sherck understood that building a home can be expensive and stressful. We worked closely with them to remove the worry, so they could focus on the final product.

We take things seriously when it comes to rapport with our clients. “They’re some of our closest friends now, because they cared that much about building the home and looking after it after it’s built,” Bill said.


“Touring homes (Worth Custom Homes) had previously built, you could tell there’s a higher level of detail and craftsmanship put into it,” homeowner Lucas Giedd said. “That really sold us on what we were investing in.”

Lucas and his wife Lisa were grateful to have received a lot of guidance during the building process. We want clients to be involved, and because of our experience, we’re happy to offer ideas to make sure the home we’re building is exactly what you want.

“We wouldn’t change a thing,” Lisa said.


The pride that homeowners Dean and Lois Virnig have for their home makes us proud as builders. In the end, we want our clients to be comfortable and love where they live.

“Not only does this house function well, but it’s beautiful to look at and to live in,” Lois said.


Collaborating with homeowner Mitchell Suess led us to develop useful ideas during the construction of his home.

“Our minds always met,” he said. “We were able to put together a wonderful project.”

For the team at Worth Custom Homes, what our clients think is the backbone of our success. Your satisfaction is the truest testament to our capabilities, and we cherish the trust we earn. Building your custom home should be a dream. We’re pleased to be along for the journey.